2010 – Nobuko’s Live Christmas Broadcast

December 26, 2010, 11h Vienna Time (GMT+1)

Nobuko Akiyama, Live Broadcast, Christmas 2010

dear friends and listeners,

thank you all for listening to our webradio concert! We will soon prepare a recording of it.


as a small present for all her friends around the world, Nobuko has made a piano live performance, as a Christmas webradio event. The event was broadcasted live, on sunday, the 26th of December, 11:00 h Vienna Time (10:00 h Greenwich Mean Time, 19:00 h Japan Standard Time, 12:00 h Bucharest Eastern European Time). Nobuko played compositions by Robert Schumann, Werner Schulze and herself. The live performance was presented by Horia Marinescu. Many thanks to our sound-engineer Gerald Szokol, that lend us the technical equipment.


please tune-in to our event on december 26, 10:00 h GMT, by clicking one of the following buttons:

if you use winamp

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or if you use Real Player

the broadcast will be sent in a bandwith of 60 kbps, that shoud be good for everybody, even with slower internet connections.

We will be reading your live comments at skype ID: “horia_mar”, yahoo messenger ID: “horia_m” and Nobukos usual skype ID.

If you cannot receive the broadcast, you can also try to connect directly to our broadcasting server from NY, USA, by clicking this button: