Studies and Teachers

Nobuko Akiyama is indebted to both the Japanese and the Russian piano tradition. She studied in Tokyo with Oike Makiko, tha pianist of Amabile Trio, and with Fuji Takako. After graduating with honors in Tokyo, she continued her studies in Vienna. There, she studied with Viktor Teuflmayr, Matthias Trachsel, Helena Fleischmann, Marija Köhler, Leonid Brumberg and Alexander Satz. Her teachers were partly influenced by Wilhelm Backhaus, Oleg Maisenberg and Heinrich Neuhaus.

In 2007 Nobuko Akiyama graduated the master study with honors, at the Vienna University for Music and Performing Arts.

Recently (2008 – 2010) she has completed a post-graduate degree at the “Institute for Analysis, Theory and History of Music” (Institut für Analyse, Theorie und Geschichte der Musik), Professor Dr. Werner Schulze.

She has participated in many competitions and attended master classes.
She has given concerts in Japan, Germany, Romania and Austria.